Who We Are

Bahrain Photo Club (BPC) is based in the Kingdome of Bahrain and its interest is mainly in the art of photography and works on behalf of and under the supervision of the Bahrain Fine Arts Society, registered under number c/5. BPC is also the operational member of the International Federation of Photographic Art FIAP.

Bahrain Photo Club aims to achieve high photography art in the Kingdom, through working by the rules and regulations of the Kingdom of Bahrain:

  1. Assist its members to develop their level in the field of photography.
  2. Work on internal and external exhibitions in the field of photography.
  3. Work on domestic and international competitions in the field of photography.
  4. Participation in exhibitions of photography, locally, regionally and globally.
  5. Participate in contests, photography locally and regionally and globally.
  6. Conduct seminars and workshops in the field of photography.
  7. Work on producing documentary photography work, spreading the concepts of photography.
  8. Work on issuing publications (Newsletter etc.) related to all members’ productions, participation in workshops and exhibitions. Also update on all photography business matters.
  9. Cooperation with public and private sectors and social and cultural institutions in order to achieve common goals and supporting human communication through the photograph.
  10. Ensure that photos are not a mere picture. It is should carry a sublime goals and speaking message with a noble values to improve society.
  11. Work on the development of the Club’s financial resources to support the activities of the rotating exhibitions. Including print brochures and advertisement, etc.