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Member Profile

Asma J. Murad🇧🇭

Bachelor degree in Civil Engineering, and photographer

Type of Photography:
Documentary, Street, Montage and Collage Photography.

Distinctions & Membership

  • Member of the Bahrain photography club since 2010.

Photography Trips

2010 Vietnam, the 30th FIAP Congress
2011 Sri Lanka
2016 Korea, the 33th FIAP Congress
2017 China
2018 Durban, South Africa


2010- “Same Same but Different”, Al Riwaq Gallery , Bahrain
2011- “Muharraq Documentation”, Bin Mattar House, Bahrain.
2013- “Cut and Paste”- Photo collage and Montage, Bin Mattar House, Bahrain.
2014-“Common Ground”, Al Riwaq Gallery, Bahrain.
2016- Celebration of International Workers’ Day Exhibition, Bahrain.
2016- FIAP 33 Biennial Exhibition, Seoul Korea.
2016- “Bahrain a Personal Diary”, Bin Mattar House, Bahrain.
2017- “Do You Trust Me”, Bin Mattar House, Bahrain.
2017- Bahrain Photographic Festival, Financial Harbor, Bahrain.
2018- Bahrain Fine Art Exhibition-44, Bahrain.
2018- “For your Inconsideration”, Bait Al Salmaniya gallery, Bahrain.
2018- FIAP 34th Biennial Exhibition, South Africa.
2019- Bahrain Fine Art Exhibition-45, Bahrain.
2019- Bahrain Photography Club Annual Exhibition.
2019- World Photography Day 2019 Exhibition, India.
2019- Beauty of Korea, Avenues Mall, Bahrain.
2020- Bahrain Fine Art Exhibition-46, Bahrain.
2020- The “Bank House” Exhibition, Bahrain.
2020- “Ramadan in Quarantine”, Sekka online magazine.