Project Description

Member Profile

Nader Isa Al Bazzaz 🇧🇭

Senior Teacher of physical education at MoE degree, A former international referee in handball and photographer

Type of Photography:
Street, People, Portrait, Travel and Landscape

Distinctions & Membership

  • Member of the Bahrain photography club since 2009.
  • Judge contests in several local competitions.
  • Providing many workshops for local schools and clubs.
  • Gold and bronze medals in the Culture competition organized by the International Federation in Amman 2016.
  • Honorary medal from the International Federation of Photography in the 2016 Amman Square competition.
  • Medal of honor from the International Federation of Photography in the Square Amman Competition 2019
  • Many local prizes

Photography Trips

Year Region
2009 Srilanka
2013 Malaysia
2014 Indonesia + Hongkong
2015 Turkey
2016 South Korea
2017 India
2018 Bosnia and Herzegovina + Serbia
2019 Russia


2010-The Al-Thani Photography, Qatar.
2010-FIAP black and white BIENNIAL, Vietnam.
2011- The Al-Thani Photography, Qatar.
2011-Palm in the eyes of the World, United Arab Emirates.
2012- The Al-Thani Photography, Qatar.
2012-The National Geographic, photos narrated, Abu Dhabi.
2012-Palm in the Eyes of the world, United Arab Emirates.
2012-The 19 Joint International Exhibition (Kyoto) under the auspices of the FIAP and the Japanese Federation of Photography, Japan.
2013- The Al-Thani Photography, Qatar.
2013- The National Geographic, photos narrated, Abu Dhabi.
2014- FIAP 32 black and white Biennial Exhibition, Turkey.
2015- Bahrain Photography Club Annual Exhibition.
2016- FIAP 33 Biennial Exhibition, Seoul Korea.
2016- FIAP AUSPICES 20th, Kyoto, Japan
2016- Celebration of International Workers’ Day Exhibition, Bahrain
2017- Bahrain Photographic Festival.
2018- FIAP 34th Biennial Exhibition, South Africa.
2019- Bahrain Photography Club Annual Exhibition
2019- Child & Motherhood, Bahrain
2019- Beauty of Korea, Bahrain
2019- World Photography Day 2019 Exhibition, India