Club Affiliations

The Bahrain Photo Club is affiliated with the following organizations.

The FIAP Distinctions

Awarding FIAP Distinctions is regulated by different documents and Infos.

FIAP Distinctions can be accorded for artistic achievements:

  • AFIAP (Artiste FIAP)
  • EFIAP (Excellence FIAP) and the EFIAP-levels
  • MFIAP (Master FIAP)
  • AV-AFIAP (Artiste FIAP – Audio Visual)
  • AV-EFIAP (Excellence FIAP – Audio Visual)
  • AV-MFIAP (Master FIAP – Audio Visual)
  • CAFIAP (Club Artiste FIAP)
  • CEFIAP (Club Excellence FIAP)

Bahrain Photo Club requirements for applying to FIAP Distinction

Download Application

Application for AFIAP – EFIAP – EFIAP Levels

Approved FIAP Salons