Bahrain Photography Club Annual Exhibition



Organized By

 Bahrain Photography Club


Society Main Hall, Bahrain

Mr. Ali Al Mahmeed, President of the Bahrain Arts Society, had opened the Annual Exhibition of the Bahrain Photography Club on January 20, 2019 in the Society main hall.

Sh. Hanan bint Hassan Al Khalifa, President of the Bahrain Photography Club, announced that this exhibition was held with the participation of 19 artist in photography of the Clubs’ members, in which they exhibit their works and present various experiences and innovations in this area that stretches for over thirty years. Involving fields like portrait, streets photography, nature, wildlife, travel, everyday life, Sahara, people at work, and other fields where the photographers showed their creativity.  Exhibitors have presented their works, such as color printing, monochrome, and even print on wood and furniture in such an artistic way.

Sh. Hanan also mentioned that some artists had participated in regional and international exhibitions and competitions which harvested a lot of collective and personal awards, in order to raise the precious name of the Kingdom of Bahrain in all these forums and book their advanced place in photography among other countries of the world.

During the opening ceremony Sh. Hanan honored some photographers for winning awards in regional and international competitions. The winning photos where exhibited along with the other photographers’ work. The honored photographers are Ms. Sawsan Taher, Mr. Mohamed Bu Hassan, Mr. Nader Albazzaz and Mr. Khalid Ebrahim.

Also, Sh. Hanan honored members who have contributed and influenced the art of photography in Bahrain Photography Club. They are artistic photography and cinema pioneer Grandmaster Mr. Khalifa Shahin, Mr. Khalil Hammad who is one of the founders of the Bahrain Photography Club and is still a prominent member of the Club, Mr. Ali Al Kofi and Mr. Ali Khamees for their significant contributions to the Club.